Wireless Enuresis Monitor

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What is Enuresis?

Enuresis is the medical name for bedwetting, which is very common in young children and can also be prevalent in older children.

Enuresis monitors are the most commonly recommended course of action for prolonged bedwetting. Designed to trigger an alarm when the child starts to urinate, the child begins to associate the feeling of a full bladder with waking, training them to wake and visit the toilet before its too late.

1 in 40 children wet the bed at 7 years old Broken sleep can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life for both parent and child Prolonged bedgggwetting can affect a child's confidence and can cost families over £300 a year in laundry costs and pull ups Without treatment 85% of children will continue to wet the bed a year later

Why Orion?

  • Sound and light alarm.
  • Accepted behaviour modification method.
  • Wireless sensor – increased comfort and no risk of strangulation, decreasing the risk of user rejection.
  • Data logging with USB download (1 year+ of data). No worries about keeping written progress records.
  • Unobtrusive design – full alarm clock functionality and hidden enuresis data on the monitor.
  • Designed in conjunction with enuresis specialists.
  • Fully sealed and washable sensor.
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The Orion Enuresis Monitor



The Orion bedside monitor is cleverly designed to look and function like an alarm clock, reducing the risk of embarrassment and stigma that often surrounds prolonged bedwetting.

It features a sound and light alarm which is wirelessly triggered within a second of the sensor becoming wet, ensuring quick and effective results.

A seven-day wet/dry history is available on the device at the click of a button and up to a year’s history can be downloaded at the enuresis clinic via USB, enabling effective specialist support.

The Sensor


The sensor attaches to the child’s nightwear with a simple clamp. It detects urine in milliseconds, wirelessly triggering the alarm in less than a second. The sensor is completely sealed and washable ensuring hygiene and durability. It can be recharged in just a few minutes by placing it in a dock at the back of the Orion monitor.

Who We Are

The Orion Enuresis Monitor is being developed by eg technology Ltd, a leading product design and development consultancy based in Cambridge, UK. Our clients range from small biotechnology start-ups to industry-leading bluechips helping them cost-effectively develop successful products from visualisation to commercialisation. Our multi-disciplinary team offers integrated expertise in mechanical engineering, industrial design, electronics engineering, software development, project management and regulatory approval and certification.


Get in touch at hello@orionem.co.uk to find out more!